Mar 11, 2005
Image: Recursive Geometry

A closer look at the tree structure of the system.
Mar 11, 2005
Video Journal: Recursive Geometry

Demo of the system on the big-screen using newly developed recursive geometry.
Mar 06, 2005
Video Journal: Glove Prototype

Quick and dirty glove prototype. Some features of design appear unnecessary. I think I should put the grab sensor on the back of the middle finger instead of the palm in the next prototype. Will also begin experimenting with brushed aluminum contacts cut from pop-cans. Still searching for conductive fabric. Bad pun in this video.
Mar 04, 2005
Image: Glove Design (Palm)

wires will be run along seams and axes which see as little travel in the fabric as possible. A section of wires will be left free in the base to allow slack for motion in gestures. Tracked beacon will be sewn onto the wrist of the glove.
Mar 04, 2005
Image: Glove Design (Top)

I will be putting the logo on the top of the glove. Reversed logo printed onto white fabric and cut out and sewn onto the NIE glove.
Feb 24, 2005
Image: Geometry for Recursively Generated Object Trees in 3D

The mathematics behind the geometry I am seeking for the system. Implementing this is something of a mental hurdle, but I consider it a priority and am researching the mathematics thoroughly.
Feb 19, 2005
Video Journal: Motion Tracking Interface Demonstration

Demonstration of the latest version of the project. Scale as well as position-based animation is now scripted. XML and motion tracking is integrated. Since this demonstration, a colour calibration program has been written to reduce setup times.
Feb 18, 2005
Online Demo: Object-Oriented 3D Environment

This example adds unlimited scaleability, 3d element animation and rollover functions to the earlier demo. This implimentation is built from the ground up using Object-Oriented Programming.
Feb 08, 2005
Video Journal: Tablet Electronics Observations

A video illustrating closer testing of the RF technology in a Wacom tablet.
Feb 08, 2005
Video Journal: Graphics Tablet Dissection

Discussion the use of RF tracking technologies from reverse engineered graphics tablets inspired by MIT Media Lab student Jeff Patten's Audiopad and Sensetable projects.
Feb 01, 2005
Video Journal: Object Tracking Test

A successful initial test of motion tracking technology using an iSight camera and the Myron Computer vision extension.
Jan 15, 2005
Online Demo: Dynamic 3D XML Environment

This is an example of a demo that loads in XML data using the NanoXML Parser for Java to produce an interactive demo